Charging buckets

When a furnace is charged with the bucket, the downtime associated with this operation is significantly reduced, since its duration will not exceed 5 minutes. Moreover, fast charging can reduce heat loss and increase production rate of furnace.

When filling the charge into the furnace with a bucket, the order of its laying in the bucket determines the laying of the charge in the furnace, therefore it is necessary to approach this operation with responsibility. It is preferable to put the charge in the bag in the following order: lightweight and small charge should be placed in the lower part, then mixed medium and large charge (try to place the large pieces closer to the center, right under the electrodes, and the medium ones - on the periphery).

We produce charging buckets with a capacity from 400 kg to 3000 kg.

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400 kg capacity bucket for charging cast iron shavings

3000 kg capacity bucket for loading A3 lump charge