Drum-type oxidation resistance furnaces (SBO)

Drum-type oxidation resistance furnace (SBO) refers to heating units in which the process of drying and heating is carried out by indirect electric heating, at which the thermal energy released by the heaters, is transmitted by infrared radiation and convective heat transfer.

The furnace is used for roasting, heating, drying of bulk materials at a maximum temperature of 1350 °C. The furnace is designed for continuous operation.

The heaters are located horizontally at the bottom of the furnace, which allows efficient use of all heat energy. Inside, the body of the furnace is lined with perlite-fibrous plates (PVP), which have high heat resistance, mechanical strength and low heat capacity, which, of course, positively affects the retention of heat inside the furnace and a long service life.

SBO furnace is equipped with a screw feeder, as well as sealing plugs, at the inlet and outlet of the retort, for loading and unloading of the material. The retort rotation drive and the screw feeder drive are equipped with a frequency drive. The furnace has adjustable retort angle inclination and adjustable heater power.

The operator controls the drives of the retort and screw feeder of the furnace, adjusts the temperature parameters from the operator’s console of the stationary control cabinet.

Control and maintenance of the temperature inside the furnace is carried out automatically, with the help of temperature sensors (thermocouples).

The main advantages of SBO furnace are:

  • High-quality heat treatment and regular heating;
  • Material loading convenience;
  • Prevents material sticking and packing;
  • Adjustable performance;
  • Possibility of attached implements installation (bubblers, etc.) for catching products of sublimation.

The main technical characteristics of the SBO furnaces are listed below. It is possible to manufacture furnaces with other technical characteristics upon the agreement with the Customer.

Type Max temp.
(degrees °С)
Drum size
Diameter x Length (mm)
SBO 2.13/5 500 210x1300
SBO 2.13/10 1000 210x1300
SBO 2.13/14 1350 210x1300
SBO 2,6.13/5 500 260x1300
SBO 2,6.13/10 1000 260x1300
SBO 2,6.13/14 1350 260x1300
SBO 4.30/5 500 420x3000
SBO 4.30/10 1000 420x3000
SBO 4.30/14 1350 420x3000
SBO 4.40/5 500 420x4000
SBO 4.40/10 1000 420x4000
SBO 5.30/5 500 500x3000
SBO 5.30/10 1000 500x3000
SBO 5.40/5 500 500x4000
SBO  5.40/10 1000 500x4000
SBO  6.60/5 500 600x6000
SBO 7.60/5 500 700x6000

Carbide-silicon heaters of SBO furnace

Drum-type oxidation resistance furnace (SBO)

Sealing plug at retort outlet

Loading hopper for bulk materials